DD Holding in brief

DD Holding in brief

DD Holding is a respected and successful conglomerate headquartered in Turkey with operations at Europe, Africa and Asia, led by a talented team of professionals. DD Holding has evolved and diversified over the years to become one of the fastest-growing regional success stories today. The businesses in the group make it a leading player in commodity trading, financing, mining and logistics.

The group has the strength and commitment that comes from over quarter a century of business experience distinguished by excellence in achievement and attention to detail in everything it does.

Objective And Strategy

DD Holding is fully committed to deliver products and services that satisfy market demands and exceed customer expectations. Driven by a passion for quality and excellence, and guided by its core corporate values, DD Holding will continue to show the way as the most dynamic and most successful business conglomerate in Turkey and in the region.

DD Holding is always actively planning further expansion and diversification and looking to new frontiers. Throughout all of this activity, the group remains confident that its values and traditions will guide it on the right path.